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Do I own my website code? (can I transfer it to my own host)?

The way Muletown Express websites work we’re customizing our software to make a custom website for you on a budget. Because of the way that we have to do that you wouldn’t have access to (or own) your website files. You’d own the designs and images and if you wanted to have your site built another way you’d be able to do that for sure. Our actual setup can’t be migrated. As long as you’re with us you’ll have to be on our system.

How is Muletown Express different from a custom website?

Custom websites are like custom homes: they can literally be anything you want them to be, built without any real boundaries or guidelines. Of course, when you add a home theater and underwater tennis court, the budget reflects it.

A Muletown Express site is more like a semi-custom home: everything you need and nothing you don’t, built within parameters that keep costs manageable. Our affordable sites look and function just as well as a high-dollar site, always include custom design, and are always optimized for SEO.

* Muletown Express sites are easily expandable into a full custom site as your business

How do I get images for my website?

Every website we do includes 8 stock images that we’ll use in the hero or banner area at the top of each page. Of course, you’re welcome to provide your own images — that’s especially important if you own a retail shop, restaurant, or other storefront business. If you don’t have high-quality photography or a way to create additional images beyond the first 8, we can select and purchase more stock images for you at a cost of $12 per image.

How does website content work?

Every Muletown Express site gets professional copywriting attention from an experienced messaging strategist. After all, your website copy is one of the most important pieces of the digital marketing puzzle, and trust us – you want a pro in your corner. When it’s time to get the words just right, we’ve got you covered. We have packages that we will tailor fit to your business!*

* Additional fees outlined in proposal

How many pages or posts can I have?

Your Muletown Express site includes build-out and design for up to 8 pages. If we discover in our strategy and content sessions that you need more than 8 pages, it’s no problem. We will estimate a per-page charge to create additional pages and content. You can have as many blog posts as you’d like, and you can add them to your site at any time.

What if our company hasn’t done any branding yet?

If you haven’t invested in visual branding (logo and brand colors) or have a logo that’s no longer useable, we strongly encourage you to choose one of our two affordable logo packages. We’ll create a professional logo and usage guide that will be an asset to your business well beyond the scope of your website. A logo is an essential branding tool for your business and definitely something worth investing in.

To learn more check out our article “Do you have to have branding to create a website?” and learn more about our approach.

Will you host and maintain my website?

Absolutely! In fact, we require it. We have custom-tuned servers and use propriety software to keep your site running fast, smooth, and safe.

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